6.2: The Wall

After the initial progress, Ohaitsu’s team was chosen to be at the top of the wall in the Battle for the Last Tower, approaching from the opposite side from Clan Champion Hida Kuon and his war council. The shugenja collectively summoned a rain of jade, weakening the Shadowlands defenders. On the approach, the heroes slew the goblin bard, along with a monstrous mass of fused goblins and a goblin king, while a nairu no oni escaped after failing to carry Ranneko away. On the last stretch, the heroes fought through several free ogres, but when the boss ogre (Fool) and goblin (the Importunate Vu) arrived, they were simply knocked off the wall and escaped. Fu Leng spitefully imbued with the Last Tower with taint, and the Crab forces consolidated the gains of the rest of the Wall.



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