Yoritomo (Hogosha) Yoyonagi


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Yoritomo Yoyonagi is the most prominent courtier of the Hogosha, although she deferred family leadership to her younger brother so she could focus on communing with the spirits and the courts. She is a fixture in the upper circles of the Isles of Silk and Spice. After Ohaitsu lost her family in a storm, Yoyonagi took her into the Hogosha family and allowed her to transfer to the Thunder Island school founded by a shugenja who had undergone a similar experience. When some politics resulted in the Yoritomo refusing to aid Ohaitsu in seeking the truth behind her parents’ deaths, Yoyonagi convinced her brother to send Ohaitsu on a pilgrimage to seek allies elsewhere.

Yoritomo (Hogosha) Yoyonagi

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