1.1: Twenty Goblin Winter

Ohaitsu and Ranneko attended the opening ceremony of the 1158–1159 Twenty Goblin Winter in Shinsei’s Last Hope, meeting numerous rōnin as well as Crab officials and ratling ambassadors. After teaming up with Chan’ju’tem and Shura and testing their mettle in combat against a few other entrants, they ventured into the mountains, where they met Old Man Ebi the hermit. He gave them the location of a small goblin band, and they killed all of them, as well as another who arrived with an ogre. On the way back, they were ambushed by two other goblins but chased them off. In return for the goblin leader’s silver sword, Ebi gave them a bag for carrying some goblin heads, an ointment that would animate goblins to follow them, and directions on the friendly goblins in the Ruins of the Kappa. He led them to a shortcut through an obsidian tower. As the adventurers entered to examine some bas-reliefs of goblins, the door closed behind them.


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