Moshibaru Ohaitsu


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Though always beautiful and outgoing, her green eyes and raven hair have been replaced by cold blue eyes and hair as white as snow.

Since her family’s death she has changed her family’s standard to the symbol for storm written in gold above a pale blue background. Her family’s names are spelled out in a barely discernible pale white letters around the edge.

As she is the last of her family, she has adopted her family name as her given name. Claiming the sea gave her that name and only the sea can change it.


Ohaitsu began her life as the firstborn child of a small merchant family loosely related to the Yoritomo Family. Her family had but one ship, but was prosperous none the less. They made their living by transporting goods and people between the capital (Gotei Palace) and Toshi no Inazuma (City of Lightning). Ohaitsu studied at Dojo Raiden, where she showed a talent for negotiation and deal making, skills that would serve her family well as merchants. As befitting a true Mantis, she also showed some aptitude for martial combat, particularly directing others in battle.

After her education, her family decided to move their holdings to Gotei Palace from their estate in the City of Lightning. Her family as well as all their earthly possessions were on board their ship the Seahorse when it was caught in a great storm. The storm blew for days and days, sending them far to the north of Gotai Province. Though she doesn’t know how the ship was eventually destroyed, she does remember a great crash just before the water and the dark consumed her. All aboard the ship were lost at sea, presumed dead.

Ohaitsu was found face down in the water days later off the coast of tempest island by a passing kobune. Initially presumed dead, the captain and crew was amazed to find her alive, apparently breathing water. The crew wanted to throw her back into the ocean, but the captain had long traded with priests of the Tempest Island Temple and took her powers as a sign of favor by the sea. She was brought to the temple where her talents were explored and a latent talent for magic was discovered. Having lost her family and all fortune she had little choice but to learn the ways of the Yoritomo Shugenja.

After her training was complete she had to return to the real world. She knocked on a lot of doors; former business associates and allies of her family, but nobody was willing to take her in. Finally she found an old friend of her father’s who was willing to take her in. The Hogosha family was proud and strict, but honourable to the last. A few months after she was accepted she learned that her new family was being pressured from someone in the Yoritomo family to abandon her. Not wanting to cause trouble for those kind enough to take her in, she asked if there was anyway she could leave and still save face. Kengetsu, a wise and kindly adviser to the Hogosha suggested the idea of the Warrior’s Pilgrimage. Ohaitsu took to the idea immediately. Proving herself on the battlefield in the shadowlands seemed like a good way to earn back her family’s good name and take some of the heat off of her new adopted family (the Hogosha).

Moshibaru Ohaitsu

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