10.1: The Last March of the Crab

The Kill-Stealers managed to conjure flying horses for the first day of travel into the Shadowlands. Yasuki Nokatsu, Dark Oracle of Earth, was irritated by this and the fact that he had been asked to use trickster spirits to lure them into a false hostage exchange; he eventually just attacked and was defeated. Before reaching the enemy camp, the heroes encountered other Crab forces and helped by defeating Randachi and the last of her Tainted cavalry. As agreed, the nameless Lost guide took the subdued Randachi, while the Kill-Stealers met up with the other Crab to stop the oni summoning and to rescue the hostages. They were led by their family daimyƍ, Hida (Moshibaru) Kinashita, who told them that Shura had defected to the Shadowlands and taken Wa’ako prisoner as well. As Ohaitsu and Kageneko had their own motivation, Mako was personally given the task of rescuing the shugenja.



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