8.1: The Home Front

The heroes were informed that some of the secret ingredient (mold) from the Friendly Traveler Sake Works had been stolen by someone who had scaled the wall. Unable to track down its location, they stood watch the next night and encountered two peasant women acting strangely. One turned out to be a bog hag who gave a fierce fight, but the other helped until she was struck down, revealing that she had been confused by fox spirit possession. Oshuko also arrived from the Sake Works to save the day, distracting the hag long enough for the heroes to slay her. The other Crab arrived later, with the excuse that they had been fighting a penanggolan. Kieron revived the fallen human.

With the knowledge of what creatures were the latest spies, the heroes went to the home of the woman whose skin had been stolen by the hag. Inside, they noticed a head-sized entrance to a sea cave where the penanggolan was using the mold to make vinegar for her intestines. The Kill-Stealers swam in through the larger watery entrance and destroyed the creature easily.



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