8.2: The Home Front

Friendly Traveler Village received the visit of Miya Hatori the historian. This time there was suggestions that infiltrators were not Shadowlands but a fringe Scorpion group known as the Shadowed Tower. The heroes were to try not to cause trouble because the Tower had captured Hatori’s wife, but in investigating a suspicious-looking poultry farmer named Kenji, they were attacked by him and his family. As the peasants were defeated, another observer escaped, and the samurai tailed him to a camp in a copse of trees outside town. After defeating those there, they were told by the distinctive gold-masked, Mantis-hating Bayushi Kamnan that all the others were ninja shapeshifters (creatures similar to Mako) who would remember no useful information. He offered information about Yoritomo Kitao’s dealings with Jinn-Kuen and the Scorpion, as well as attempts at Hatori’s wife’s safety, in return for his life. One ninja was released with him so that he could continue to watch Hatori and report back to the Tower, while the rest were put out of their misery.

Later, the town was in an uproar about the yokozuna who had missed the Winter Court sumai tournament finally arriving on the Tidal Landbridge, and wanting to meet the Kill-Stealers. It turned out that the real sumō had been replaced by a tsuburu no oni spawn (more fully grown than the one the heroes slew at Black Crane Palace) carried by worm-infested zombies. The zombies and their smaller passengers tried to hold Mako and Ranneko while the oni drew out Ohaitsu and Chan’u’tem, but the Empire was victorious. The next day, they received notice that the Shadowlands was attacking Shinsei’s Last Hope, so the Kill-Stealers were sent to reinforce at the next low tide.



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